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Along with my endeavors and activities in the realm of music (performing, composing, recording) and my fun involvement with cartoons and illustrations, I also enjoy what my pal Spider Robinson calls "prose-birthing" or writing fiction and commentary.

On this page, you will soon be able to access everything that I have going on currently in this world of wordsmithery...and I hope to expand (and expound upon) it all very soon.

All of my recent articles and commentary can be found here on the ultra-cool platform Medium.

(Current plans are to re-release an updated version of what was originally called The Dover Stone, and now has been renamed Concerto for Folded Space. Along with this, I have a second book finished (title TBA) and have begun a third novel as well. So....LOTS coming soon right here!)


(Feel free to send me an email to discuss my writing stuff!)

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