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In my polymath wanderings through the years, my first career idea was cartooning. I absolutely ADORED the comic strips in the daily papers of old. How cool was THAT? –every day a colection of news, sports and comics delivered right to your house. Such a deal! As far as the artwork, I really loved Al Cap's "Li'l Abner" and Johnny Hart's "B.C." Later on, I would be captivated by the mastery of Bob Watterson's "Calvin and Hobbes" and the great Yoda himself Gary Larson.

At one point (circa 2004-5) I actually took a stab at trying to syndicate a strip that I called "Quiddit." I thought this was a brilliant concept (of course I did!) ...kind of like a "Far Side" (greatest cartoon strip ever created IMHO) with multiple panels. Alas, the good folks at over 40 syndicates disagreed.

I take some solace now in the fact that almost all of those syndicates themselves have been rejected and that the internet has no editors or quality control. Therefore, and to wit: I have now published my cartoons.

(Woo Hoo!)

I hope that you enjoy them. If you don't like them, you should start a syndicate!

(stay tuned for NEW strips soon...)

BONUS: I am now available for cartoon commissions. Whether it be a li'l sumthin-sumthin to spice up your otherwise scholarly or bidnis oriented book or website, a straight up hilarious stand-alone cartoon just cuz you wanna laugh, or perhaps a cartoon-style logo, I am on board! Let's talk Yo (Wiestian Email)

Green Quiddit Guy.png

The quite unusual, yet strangely pleasing world of:


Man-Oh-MAN! This one is SUPER fun to write and draw! QUIDDIT is a no-holds-barred surreal exploration and magical mystery journey into the absurd, the abstract, and the profoundly unusual. It's kind of a "Far Side" with multiple frames (if I may be so bold as to include this humble offering in the same breath as the master, Gary Larson!)

Therefore, suspend all of your beliefs, leave your rational thought at the door step and abandon hope of anything that makes sense all Ye who enter! Behold...



Click on any of these below in this bold collection of nonsense to enjoy them at official full size and weight:


Adding to the age-old discussion first begun by the venerable ensemble de funk, Tower of Power, here is my rephrasing of the eternal query:

R.U. Hip?

Yep. Behold one of the coolest jazz cartoon strips on the planet...hmmmm...perhaps the ONLY jazz cartoon strip on the planet (bit of a niche audience one might say) Made up of the swignin' denizens of New Hampton, Illinois, U.S. and featuring a cast of cats starring the hapless trombonist Urbie Wellington and his stalwart companion-champion pianist Miles Shortbread, these jokes just write themselves!


Click on any of these below in this bold collection of hipness to enjoy them at official full size and weight:

(and if you'd like to see MORE strips from the world of R.U. Hip? Check out my new lead trombone book:


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