Hey Folks! So, for years I have been writing music for my own projects as well as Maynard Ferguson, various big bands, high schools and universities, publishing companies, spoken word projects, brass soloists, orchestras, and classical ensembles of all types (trumpet and trombone choirs as well as brass ensembles and various string configurations)

The time has now come for me to focus on these compositional endeavors and to solicit one-and-all for commissions. Now that I have settled down in Chicago-land and have finally graduated from Academia ("retirement") I have the time, resources, inspiration and wherewithal to make this happen, and I look forward to doing so!

Prices vary according to the ensemble, level and other factors. The turnaround time also varies with said. Every piece will include a dedication line at the top of the score and all of the parts of your own design. I would also be glad to have a Zoom hang (or in-person session when the world reopens) to plan and collaborate the piece and then to discuss rehearsal/performance aspects once it is done. Upon completion, you will receive PDF files of the work along with a Sibelius MIDI Demo video. More times than not, all of these commissions will then be published along with your dedication line. Such a deal!

I am also very interested in composing complete customized marching band shows. Now wouldn't THAT be a blast?! You can use the same contact  below to get in touch with me for that as well.

Drop me an email by CLICKING THIS LINK and lets get something put together!

If you aren't familiar with my work and personal style (and even if you ARE) check out the video examples below...

Commissions 2 copy.jpg

Examples of Commissioned Works

by Steve Wiest

Besame Mucho. Maynard Ferguson. Nominated for

"Best Instrumental Arrangement" at the

50th Grammy Awards: 2007

New Seasons

Commissioned by

The Denver Brass

Ice-Nine. Nominated for

"Best Instrumental Composition" at the

52nd Grammy Awards: 2009

The One O'Clock Lab Band

Soloists Sylvester Onyejiaka, tenor

Luke Brimhall, trombone

The Burglar of Babylon

Written For Caldecott Nominee and

Coretta Scott King Award Winner Anne Grifalconi.

Elizabeth Bishop poem narrator David Hoak

PErformed by the Daniel Pardo Ensemble

The Neither Zone

Written for Trombone Choir and Rock Ensemble

For the project: Concerto for Folded Space

Soloists: Jimmy Pankow and Steve Wiest, trombones, Noel Johnston, guitar

Living for The City

Commissioned by The Colorado Jazz Repertory Orchestra

for their recording Overjoyed: The Music of Stevie Wonder

Soloist: Steve Wiest, trombone

The Showme Shuffle

Commissioned by Joel Griffin for Evangel University

Performed by The Lamont rchestra

Soloists: Elliott Clement, piano

Harry Forlenza-Bailey, trombone

A Grumble of Pugs

Published by Excelcia Music

Written for Younger Bands

Entry Level Experience

Pay For It

Written for the All-Star Rock Band Vinyl Hampdin

Lisa Dodd Watts, vocalist

Soloist: Ray Herrmann, tenor

The Last Theme Song

Written for the One O'Clock Lab Band

Soloists: Collin Campbell, piano Scott Kruser, guitar.

Dan Foster, lead trumpet