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Guest Artist

Over the years, I have appeared as a guest artist, educator, public speaker and conductor on campuses, with festivals, camps, all states, conferences and many other events all over the world. It is my great honor and joy to work with students of all ages in educational situations as well as performing with professional groups. At the heart of it all, I enjoy sharing the love and magic that is embodied by music and art. I come by this naturally as a graduate of "The University of Maynard Ferguson." Maynard taught us all the importance of interacting with the audience and giving back to one-and-all by sharing joy. To paraphrase Thad Jones, I can always guarantee that a good time will be had by all!
I have also recently been writing customized pieces for large jazz ensemble and various chamber group settings as part of my appearances. These works are then published through the good folks at Ejazzlines with a dedication line that you compose, thus advertising your program across the globe.

I would love to come work with you! Just drop my manager, Brian Horner a note by clicking here and let's plan some magic!

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An epic new series of charts written for high school and universities programmatically informed by a delightfully cheesy space operera: GROOVE QUEST! FREE for your program when you have me out to your school as a guest artist. CLICK HERE to see three pieces where I will first talk about rehearsal tips, then there is an excerpt from the space opera, and finally a performance of the chart by the award-winning Mundelein, IL HS Jazz Ensemble.

To make the magic happen, contact my manager, Brian Horner at:

REMEMBER: your band must use this power for good!

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Presentation Options


I find that this works best with a student rhythm section. I cover the all-important "storytelling" aspects of improvisation as well as getting into demonstrating vocabulary, syntax and compositional elements. In general, most of the aspects of this presentation can be applied to one's playing instantly.


I can work in all kinds of environments in the case of presenting my approach to writing and arranging. With hard copy and digital examples using the Internet and/or a power point presentation, or just sitting around a piano with audio examples of my recordings, this kind of interaction is invaluable for budding composers of all ages.

Ensemble Coaching/Masterclasses

The "meat and potatoes" of any guest artist appearance is having the opportunity for the students to work with the artist in an ensemble situation. Whether it be in-depth rehearsals and analysis on multiple pieces, or breaking the groups into sections, I find this type of interaction to be wonderful. The standard masterclass model of myself listening to students perform and then offering comments is also a great approach that I find to be very successful.


In the ever-changing art environment of the 21st Century, I believe that it is imperative for educators to receive input form those "in the field" who are both educators, performers and content creators. This is one of my favorite things to do while on the road and over the years I have developed some simple and straight-forward techniques and curricula that I find help to improve jazz programs instantly! This brand of magic is always hidden in plain sight.


Of course, the good ol' one-on-one of private lesson is still the educational gold standard when it comes to learning how to improvise, compose/arrange and the trombone itself. In these situations, I enjoy sharing my approach to these areas of endeavor in a simple and easy-to-understand manner so that those working with me can try out what works for me in their own playing and writing right away–no mystery involved!

Examples of Commissions

It would be a joy for me to compose a customized work for your group. It has been my experience that students work at a high level indeed when they have a feeling of ownership in a new piece of music written expressly for them. I work best programmatically and have a blast collaborating with each group–be it students or professionals–to find a title that has something to do with local tradition, history, or someone's name and then deciding together on a style and groove as well as featuring specific soloists or creating an open solo section where anyone can play. The entire process is fully customizable. So, let's do it!

The Showme Shuffle

Commissioned by Joel Griffin for Evangel University














Hernando's Hideout

Commissioned by DE Soto High School in Missouri. This one comes with a helpful and fun explanation of the main rhythm section grove.















D.D. Quizbone

Written for The University of Denver's Lamont Jazz Orchestra to feature specific soloists.

















The Star Spangled Banner

Arranged for my trombone group: The Cubby Bones

Other Recent Commissions (Videos Coming Soon)


Song of The Athenian Ginkgo

composed for the 2019 Georgia Trombone Summit for the Boston Symphony Trombone Section, Summit Faculty and Josh Bynum

50 Shades of Dave

composed for bass trombone virtuoso Dave Taylor and the Lamont Trombone Studio

The Secret Menu

comissioned by Kyle and Melissa Millsap fior The Texas A&M University-Kingsville Trumpet Ensemble

The Regal C Shuffle

compossioned by the Keith Woolery Family: Newtopn, Kansas

Two Pieces of mine that were nominated for Grammys:

Besame Mucho

Form the Maynard Ferguson Album "The One and Only"

Nominated for "Best Instrumental Arrangement"







Form the One O'Clock Lab Band Album "Lab 2009"

Nominated for "Best Instrumental Composition"

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