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The new book by Steve Wiest:
Leadology (Vol 1)
(A Comprehensive Methodology for Lead Trombone
in the Modern Large Jazz Ensemble
and Pop/Rock/Funk Horn Bands)
to order your copy TODAY!

Check out the Leadology Insta! It's a virtual treasure-trove of my recordings (short, bite-sized-easy to digest) as well as cool Leadology tidbits and flub-dubs!

Howdy folks! I am SUPER excited to tell you about the
new series of books that I just published. Leadology also has a thriving companion trombone community website at

As the subtitle describes, this is a methodology for lead trombone playing. As such, it contains warmups and etudes geared towards developing a more efficient air approach to your playing and therefore a more relaxed and robust upper register.
PLUS, a new comic strip called "R.U. Hip"

I also composed and recorded five new trombone band charts with analyzed lead parts for each as well as examples and annotations from the Vinyl Hampdin library and modern big band charts. There is also sections on style, listening, and interpreting jazz notation.
This is the TOTAL package!


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