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This site is a window into my body of work and ongoing creative adventures. Whether it's as a guest artist, a composition-arrangement commission, a speaking presentation, trombonist in a section, cartoons, or prose... let's get together. Please explore and enjoy!
Steve Wiest
Chicago, IL  U.S.

Welcome to Wiestworld!

Some Compositions and Arrangements:

Click the imnage of Concerto below for the complete playlist:


Grammy Nominee:

Some Cartoons:

Here is a link to my new podcast and some videos of me performing and telling stories...

Podcast Logo.png

The Leadology Podcast!
A show featuring myself
and a special guest trombonist. It's trombonists talking about trombone! (And quite often going "off the rails" into hilarious and fascinating other areas of thought. Really? Who could ask for anything more?
or go to wherever you get your podcasts...

A Bunch O' Stuff!
Some Phröntrange fusion...
A story about Maynard Ferguson, Miles Davis,
Herbie Hancock Don Cheadle  and a fluffy yellow Prince shirt...
A story about Doc Severinsen, Conte Candoli, Snooky Young,
Tom DeLibero and double-chocolate Pop Tarts!
Here's a clip from my project "Concerto For Folded Space"
Here's a track from the Vinyl Hampdin debut album "RED." It's our take on the classic
Rare Earth tune "I Just Want To Celebrate."

From the Phröntrange Liner Notes Written by Jimmy Pankow: Rock and Roll and Songrwriter's Hall of Fame Inductee and Composer-Trombone with The Supergroup Chicago:


Pioneer(def): one who bravely ventures where no one has gone before. 

Steve Wiest is a pioneer. He is fearless. He is a visionary who dares to throw convention to the wind. His music screaming from the very depths of his being, with no rules! This body of work does not seek approval by would-be critics. It emanates, unfettered and joyously, from Steve's heart and soul. Oh, and he has that sly grin! His humor and wit are so evident here, as well as a strong supporting cast. He has enlisted the very best to accompany him on this adventure. We're talking SERIOUS chops across the board!
So..., fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride!


...And this guy, who's bestowed on me more accolades than I could ever possibly deserve, PLAYS HIS ASS OFF! 


Brian Horner
Steve Wiest  Guest Artist

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