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I have the great joy of pursuing multiple avenues of creativity these days...always have, really–the only difference is now it is full-time. Such a deal! Therefore (and to wit) I will now be seriously going after an area that showed up surprisingly a few years ago: novelist.

After writing what I thought was going to be a short story for my music project CONCERTO FOR FOLDED SPACE, I found that I wanted to take it further and write entire novels. So...I did! The first book has now been updated and rewritten a bit and is available in self-published form right here and at The second book (as stated below) is currently being shopped around and will also end up here one way or the other.

Will there be more books? Well, that is the happy plan.
If so, you will be the first to know and it will be right on this page.
So, dive in and ENJOY!
–Steve Wiest, Chicago Illinois, U.S.


CFFS Book Cover.jpg
CONCERTO FOR FOLDED SPACE (The Book) is essentially a "greatest hits" of the history of UFOlogy and our true place in the cosmos. With an unexpected answer to Fermi's famous paradox, LOTS of ETs, EBEs, and Extraterrestrials, romance, comedy, terror, and adventure...yeah this is a wonderful story (if I may be so bold) Formerly titled "The Dover Stone" this new version has been updated and rewritten.
It is HUGE fun and I hope you will pick one up!

AUDIO VERSION coming soon! Stay tuned...

CONCERTO FOR FOLDED SPACE (The CD) is the sound track for a movie that hasn't been made (YET) so, I think it's fun to have that as well and to listen to each corresponding track before you read each story. You dig? You can actually pick up a copy of CONCERTO here!

Order Directly From Me
Order on Amazon

HEY! The title of this page is "Novels" which is plural. Therefore, there should be more than one...correct? Well, there IS a second novel. Here is the title:

(A Near-Future Tale of Aliens, Jazz, and  Humanity)

Currently, I am making the rounds of potential Literary Agents (a process that I lovingly call "Soul-Crushing Tour 20023.") Therefore, if an extremely intelligent hip and totally together Agent can be found, I will be announcing it right here soon.

If such a unicorn literary entity can NOT be found, this second novel will be self-published as well and available here as well as Amazon.

Stay tuned folks!


A Federation Encounter...

A few years ago, Bill Shatner went on tour doing 90 minutes of SHATNER at the end of a showing of Star Trek II "The Wrath of Khan." IKR!?

So, OF COURSE, I went when the show came to Denver, and OF COURSE I paid for the "meet and greet." I had just enough time to shake my man's hand (Yep...the one that holds the phaser!) tell him "Thanks for all you do." and get this GREAT picture!

So, yeah, I don't know him, but I now have the PERFECT place to post a shot of me and a Federation Starship Captain and former Admiral! BAM.

ME and Kirk.jpg
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