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When I wrote "Concerto For Folded Space" my original idea was to compose music informed by my favorite science fiction characters, movies, stories, etc. Well, it turned out that to do so was WAY too costly (my budget was $000.00 after all) So, I figured it would be easier to just write my own sci-fi novel and let that inform the recording project. In doing so, I found that I LOVE to write!
I loved THAT so much that I wrote a SECOND book!
There is FINALLY a BIG Ol' publishing deal in the works! THAT'S RIGHT!!!
Both THE DOVER STONE and SAGAN'S GOLD are going to be PUBLISHED! Once all the ink is dry on the contract, I will announce it here. This is HAPPENING folks!



THE DOVER STONE is essentially a "greatest hits" of the UFOlogy world told in ten stories (or "movements") that span a huge time-span from 1157-2357. In the midst of comedy, drama, romance, yucky gore-filled action scenes and more, I give my answer to Dr. Enrico Fermi's famous paradox "Where is everyone?" Said solution is both ominous, deadly and ultimately: hopeful. (Wheeeewww DOGGIES! Kinda makes you want to BUY this thing to see what-up, right?)
CONCERTO FOR FOLDED SPACE is the sound track for a movie that hasn't been made (YET) so, I think it's fun to have that as well and to listen to each corresponding track before you read each story. You dig? You can actually pick up a copy of CONCERTO here!


Sagan's Gold Cover copy 2.jpg
Set in the near future and featuring a jazz composer. What's not to like? Here is the oifficial synopsis:
"In the year 2042, the United States, Canada and all of the Latin American countries have fallen and splintered into multiple small loosely- organized entities known collectively as The People's Continent. The world economy has crashed and climate change is no longer considered anything but a tragic reality. In the half-flooded territory of The Manhattan Free Zone in a neighborhood now known as Greenwich Beach, eidetic memory polymath Clyf Davis has been given information that could change the world. Once word reaches the de-facto corporate ruler of what is left of the planet's governments–John James–that Davis is in possession of this secret, the race to destroy this information at all costs begins. A furious chase ensues leading Clyf, award-winning journalist Naima Goldsmyth, the enigmatic River Guardian Chay-Ron, the manager of The Village Vanguard Tom Berrynger and a street nomad named Wyl Tym on a high-speed adventure across the unstable and dangerous People's Continent. What results is a quest to make it to the one place left on Earth that can defy the reach of John James and his all-encompassing entertainment-oil conglomerate-corporation known as PHOS. That last sanctuary for free thinkers is the new country of Sagan, and it may very well be humanity's final and best hope at redemption."

A Federation Encounter...

Recently, Bill Shatner went on tour doing 90 minutes of SHATNER at the end of a showing of Star Trek II "The Wrath of Khan." IKR!?

So, OF COURSE, I went when the show came to Denver, and OF COURSE I paid for the "meet and greet." I had just enough time to shake my man's hand (Yep...the one that holds the phaser!) tell him "Thanks for all you do." and get this GREAT picture!

So, yeah, I don't know him, but I now have a great place to post a shot of me and a Federation Starship Captain and former Admiral! BAM.

ME and Kirk.jpg
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