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DUDE! They've got Vinyl Hampdin, Phröntrange, Concerto For Folded Space, Excalibur, Out of the New, The Dover Stone, Big Band Charts MAN...they have it ALL!  Game OVER man! GAME OVER!

Albums and Sci-Fi:

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Michael Williams on lead trumpet, Ed Peterson, Matt Harris, Glenn Kostur, Tim Ishii, Randy Hamm, Mike Plog, Bob Rummage, Bob Bowman, and many more!

Original comps and arrangemtns!

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Turning unusual source material into jazz standards: Walk This Way, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Defying Gravity and many more!

Ed Soph, Lynn Seaton, Stefan Karlsson, and Fred Hamilton

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What would Chicago, BS&T or Tower of Power sound like if they started out now? Like THIS! Featuring an all-star group of Grammy and CCMA winners including

Lisa Dodd, Ryan Davidson, Eric Gunnison, Stockton Helbing, Gerald Stockton, Frank David Greene, Ray Herrmann, Art Bouton and Steve Wiest

Vinyl Hampdin

You can also dig all eleven tracks from RED in video format. Directed by Grammy-Winning cinematographer Andy LaViolette, these films are a BLAST! CLICK HERE to go to our YouTube Channel and have a look!

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I got LOTS of stuff over at The Baby! Click on these links to git you some:

Vinyl Hampdin RED (CD)

Vinyl Hampdin RED (LP)

Phrontrange "The High Road"


Over at my Bandcamp site, you can get hard copies of RED (LP) as well as these two gems. I will even sign them!

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This is the sound track for a movie of THE DOVER STONE that doesn't exist yet (the movie that is!) With a wonderful cast of guest artists including Jimmy Pankow, Bob Mintzer, Jason Sheff, Keith Howland and Arlington Jones, this project is informed by the ten stories in THE DOVER STONE via ten movements of programmatically-informed music. Featuring the Eclectric Band: Stockton Helbing, Daniel PArdo, Ryan Davidson, Braylon Lacy and Noel Johnston along with the Maniacal 4 trombone quintet plus Jon Gauer.

This is my funky fusion band where the lead melody is played by trombone, EWI and guitar. There are seven tunes, five originals and two arrangements of classics by Herbie Hancock and Fred Rogers (when's the last time you saw THOSE two names in the same sentence?)

Phröntrange is:

Steve Wiest: trombone

Art Bouton: EWI

Mike Abbott: guitar

Mike Marlier: drums

Bijoux Barbosa: bass

Eric Gunnison: keyboards


How about some sci-fi? Well, my first book THE DOVER STONE is self-published and currently the best kept literary secret on the planet...languishing away in the rain forests of Please pop on over and GIT you one! CLICK HERE (It's FREE on Kindle!)


Big Band Charts:

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The good folks at Ejazzlines publish everything that I had over at Walrus Music as well as all of my One O'Clock Lab Band Charts from Lab 2009-2014 and everything I've written for big band since I've been in Colorado. Rob DuBoff and Company are the BEST! Go check them out. CLICK HERE
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Originally with Gene Aitken and now with Dana Landry, the world-renown Jazz studies Program at The University of Northern Colorado has published all of my One O'Clock Lab Band charts from my tenure at North Texas as a student as well as many of my earlier commissions from right after I left Maynard's Band until 2000. The UNC Jazz Press is a good friend to us composers and I hope that you stop by and buy LOTS of their stuff (ESPECIALLY my charts!)

Examples of Ejazzline Charts:

The Showme Shuffle
(To Be Published Soon)
Very playable by all levels.
Ozark Aire
This one gets pretty tough, but is still playable by good groups. There are short solis for each section of the band and lots of room for blowing.
The Last Theme Song
OY! ALL of the pieces that I wrote for the One O'Clock Band are DIFFICULT! But if your band is up to it, this one is BIG fun!