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The Steve Wiest Liner Notes Project!

With the modern acquisition of music being via streaming sites and YouTube, vital info that used to be available on each project with a physical purchase (LPs, CDs, etc) are no longer available. These handy-dandy tomes were called "liner notes" because quite often said program info was found in the "liner" of the LP. When CDs became the weapon of choice, the "liner notes" were printed in an insert, or directly on to the inner sleeve.

Trust me, it is SO cool to actually read about who is on the recording and what the composer/arranger had in mind for each piece (Can't know the jam without the program!). Plus, info on the recording logistics were also included for the lovely gear heads and historians amongst us all. There were also pictures from the session and about the band. MAN! I used to spend HOURS looking at those pics whilst enjoying the music and imagining being in the band or working with the cats in question. LOVELY!


This page will (VERY SOON!) be loaded with all of the goodies that come with the physical purchase of my music so that everyone can learn more about each and every sonic adventure.

Cool, right?

Stay tuned...

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